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Tamarind Sauce

Superior  taste and aroma from real Thai   tamarind

100% Natural. Never from concentrates

It isn't a real Pad Thai

Unless there's a real tamarind

Fresh from pulp to paste

Fresh from farm to table

TAMARIND Sauce is an essential ingredient when it comes to cooking Thai food. But, it can be time-consuming and quite a hassle to prepare. We solve that problem completely with our ready-to-use tamarind sauce, made 100% from top quality Thai tamarind. Free from additional food flavouring, AAA Mountain Brand provides the most authentic tamarind taste and texture, which allows it to be used directly in substitution to the traditional tamarind. Our product is now available in Tesco Lotus, Big C Supercenter, Villa Market, leading traditional trades, and online channels. For more than 20 years in tamarind industry, we are the leading tamarind provider in Thailand with more than 12,000 square meters of warehouse spaces. At Jome Chaophraya Company Limited, we are confident that we can deliver an excellent quality ingredient for our customers throughout the year. Quality and satisfaction of customers is our commitment.

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From 2 hours to 1 minute

No more hand-squeezed hassels

Each one is hand-picked

To ensure best quality tamarind

One ingredient, thousands recipes

See what you can cook with tamarind sauce

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Superior taste and aroma

from golden Thai tamarind

Available in Thailand at

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