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Tamarind Sauce

AAA MOUNTAIN BRAND - Superior taste and aroma from Thai cooking tamarind. 100% Natural. Never from concentrates.


AAA MOUNTAIN Products are made from finest Thai tamarind to provide the most authentic tamarind taste and texture, which allows it to be used directly in substitution to the traditional fresh tamarind. Ready-to-use sauce for labor-saving and taste consistency. Excellent for thai and international dishes eg. Pad Thai, chutney, green papaya salad, tamarind shrimp, or even tamarind honey soda. AAA Mountain Tamarind Sauce is free from added salt and sugar, and contains no MSG and artificial coloring.

300g AAA Mountain Tamarind Sauce

300 g

500g AAA Mountain Tamarind Sauce

500 g

1kg AAA Mountain Tamarind Sauce

1 kg

Qty/ Carton (pcs) :              24                                                    12                                                      12

Dimensions(mm) :        358x240x178                                   279x212x213                                    338x198x240

Net Wt. (kg) :                     7.2                                                    6.0                                                    12.0

Gross Wt. (kg) :                 8.26                                                  6.58                                                  12.56

Quality Certifications : 

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HACCP Logo.png

It isn't a real Pad Thai

Unless there's a real Thai tamarind

Fresh from pulp to paste

Fresh from farm to bottle


has established itself as a major sour tamarind provider in Thailand. Our factory is located in Talad Thai Market (Pathum Thani), the largest wholesale market for agricultural products in Southeast Asia. Although recently established, we has more than 20 years experience in sour tamarind, dried chili, shallot, onion, garlic, and spices industry. Our strong core team and partnership with local farmers and manufacturer has allowed us to develop a company that institutes the highest quality ingredient for our customers throughout the year.
 Servicing both consumer and food professionals, our quality and satisfaction of customers has always been our commitment.

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From 2 hours to 1 minute

No more hand-squeezed hassels

Each one is hand-picked

To ensure best quality tamarind

1 ingredient, 1,000 recipes

See what you can cook with tamarind sauce

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Superior taste and aroma

from original Thai cooking tamarind

Now Available in Thailand at


Ranked Top 5 of Thailand's Best Tamarind Sauce

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